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Partners in sports - Partner


„Bissness“ partner of the Kölner Haie: As one of the most successful Ice hockey clubs in Germany the KEC is a well-known address as a spectator magnet – and  having the biggest brand awareness throughout Europe as a Ice hockey club. The people in Köln love the Club because of the emotions, reactions and a tough but fair sport. Sport brings together generations and people. As well as good communication.

social issues - Partner

Social issues

Rotary International is a worldwide association of working women and men. Beneath of outstanding performances in their jobs the members expect social responsibility and willingness for social engagement from each other. That’s what we like. And that’s what we understand as a mutual esteemed partnership.

economy - Partner


The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft BVMW) is a community of solidarity consisting of small and medium-sized enterprises. Throughout Germany it is representing more than 270,000 companies containing 9 million employees and is based on basic program „growth motor middle class“. The name says it – because we know as well, the German economy doesn’t work if there would not be the middle class. The logical consequence: Cooperation with the BVMW.

culture - Partner


Die Grosse von 1823 is also known as mother of all carnival societies. As famous, prestigious and historical organization a lot of carnival societies emerged from DGV1823. But that’s not the main reason why we engage in cultural areas. Much more we see potentials in preserving traditions and culture, because people find together here and do things they love. And that’s exactly what we love.