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What´s an idea actually?

The expression „idea“ (greek ἰδέα idea “form, pattern,” from the root of ἰδεῖν idein, “to see“) has different meanings, both in general and philosophical. For common, it intends a thought you can trade for, or a mission statement to orientate yourself. In the platonic ideology ideas are unchangeable, only mental determinable archetypes, that can be seen as sense perceivable phenomena.

What´s identity actually?

Identity (latin idem, „the same“) is an entirety of an entity, a thing or an object, characteristic as individual from all other different peculiarities. The term is also used to characterize persons. Psychological and sociological it is most important, which characteristics of (groups of) individuals can be essential. To establish the identity in the legal sector, you have to follow the relevant markers of inclusion and exclusion of modern civil societies.

What´s differentiation actually?

It’s different to differ things from each other – or to see the difference in them. Latter is only judging possible. To distinguish logical means to recognize that A can not be B. Anytime this is a denying decision. To distinguish physical means to get to different actions – pushed by different ideas.

What´s an identitätsverstärker actually?

An identitätsverstärker is a status icon or an activity, which is of importance for an individual person (or group of individual persons). In other words: Identitätsverstärker help us to distance ourselves from other individual groups. No matter whether style, interests, practices or ideological position. When you find, define and communicate these characteristics, you reinforce your identity.

What´s to know actually?

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